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733 Results
733 Results

Ignite your child's imagination with our selection of collectible horse and animal models. These realistic toys encourage hands-on play while providing hours of screen-free play time. We carry high-quality collectible models from Breyer Horses and Schleich USA.

Since 1950, Breyer has been manufacturing detailed model horses that captivate children and horse lovers alike. These plastic horses come in a variety of sizes, including the Traditional (1:9), Freedom (1:12), and Stablemate (1:32) collections. Showcasing popular breeds, like Quarter Horses and Arabians, as well as more unique breeds, such as Icelandics and Miniature Horses, we carry model horses that will appeal to every equestrian. We even stock portrait models of living horses, including Olympic Show Jumper Voyeur and the dressage mule sensation Buckeye. For the aspiring artist, we also carry kits where you can paint and customize your own model horse.

Schleich is one of the largest toy manufacturers in Germany, with a reputation all over the world for producing durable model animals of superior quality. We carry a wide range of domestic animals, with model dogs, cats, horses, farm animals, and more. Explore more exotic members of the animal kingdom when you shop our African wildlife, arctic wildlife, ocean wildlife, Asian wildlife, and Australian wildlife models. For the budding paleontologist, we also carry models from the prehistoric eras, so your child can get hands-on experience with dinosaurs.

Many model horse enthusiasts enjoy showcasing their models and competing in model horse shows. Both Breyer Horse models and Schleich horse models are eligible for these events. Learn more about this exciting new hobby by reading our blog post, Pint-Sized Competition: Discover the World of Model Horse Showing.

Build a stable of model horses or a menagerie of farm animals and mythical creatures when you shop our full inventory of collectible models.