Western Curb Bits

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Communicate with your horse clearly and effectively with a Western curb bit. When used correctly, curbs promote self-carriage from your horse and stepping underneath himself with his hindquarters. Curb bits work on the principles of leverage, putting pressure on the poll, tongue, and chin when the rein aids are activated.

We carry an extensive selection of Western curb bits from your favorite equestrian brands including Coronet, Intrepid International, Professional's Choice, and Weaver Leather. Our curbs are available in a wide variety of mouthpieces, such as tom thumb and correction curbs, and a number of shank lengths and shapes. The length and shape of the shank determines the amount of poll and chin pressure that is produced when pressure is put on the reins. Meanwhile, the height and shape of the port determine the amount of pressure that is put on the tongue and the horse’s soft palate.

We also stock a full line of Myler curb bits. Developed by third generation horsemen, Myler Bits work on the principles of tongue pressure and tongue relief to encourage our horses to accept the bit and respond comfortably to our aids. Myler Bits use a graduated system so that you can easily find the appropriate bit for your horse. Learn more about the philosophy behind Myler Bits and making your Myler bit purchase on our blog post, Choosing the Right Myler Bit for Your Horse.

In addition to our Western curb bits, we also carry a complete selection of Western snaffles, Western gags, and Western hackamores.

Whether you are looking for a new bit for schooling and trail riding or the best bit for horse showing, we can assist you in outfitting your Western pleasure horse, horsemanship horse, gymkhana horse, ranch riding horse, and trail horse. We invite you to speak to a member of our friendly and experienced sales staff if you can any questions regarding bit sizing or would like assistance choosing the best curb bit for your horse.