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The practice of driving horses for travel, transporting goods, and for sport spans all the way back through our history, even to the ancient world. Picture Roman chariot races and Victorian cobblestone streets filled with people travelling by horse and cart. Equestrians and working farmers today tap into that rich history through driving competitions, sulky racing, and horse-powered farming. Especially popular today is the practice of driving mini horses for recreation and for show.

If you're a driving enthusiast, let The Cheshire Horse help outfit you and your horse for competition and everyday work. Choose the best driving supplies from our selection of equipment for both full-sized and mini horse driving, including full harness sets in pony and mini-horse sizes by Tough-1. We have a wide selection of whips from Waldhausen, FLECK, and Partrade Trading for cart and sulky driving. To get the right contact with your horse browse our selection of driving bits, featuring horse and mini bits from Weaver, Coronet, and Intrepid.

In our selection of driving equipment, you'll also find a variety of harness parts and accessories to maintain your equipment. Let our staff help you select the right equipment to ensure your drive will be safe and enjoyable.