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324 Results

The right bit allows you to communicate clearly and effectively with your horse. In addition to our extensive selection of English bits, we also carry a wide array of bits for Western horses and riders. As avid equestrians, we understand that horses are individuals and there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach to purchasing a bit for your horse. We stock an impressive variety of mouthpieces, cheekpieces, and bit materials (including copper, rubber, and sweet iron) so that you can find a bit that works well for you and your horse.

Snaffle bits work on the bars of your horse's mouth, usually in response to direct rein pressure. Western snaffles are popular among riders of all levels for a number of applications including schooling rides, trail riding, and training a green horse. They are also appropriate to show in with a junior horse. We carry Western snaffle bits from trusted tack supply brands such as Coronet, Intrepid International, Myler Bits, Shires, Toklat, and Weaver Leather.

Curb bits work on the principles of leverage and apply pressure to your horse's poll and chin as they rotate. Western curbs are commonly used for more advanced horses. Many equestrians compete their Western pleasure and horsemanship horses in a curb bit. Shop our collection of Western curb schooling bits, Western curb show bits, and Western gags from your favorite equestrian manufacturers including Professional's Choice, Myler Bits, MetaLab, Schutz Brothers, and Toklat. Learn more about the innovative Myler Bit line, as well as how to choose the best bit for your horse on our blog post, Choosing the Right Myler Bit for Your Horse.

Our inventory also includes a wide variety of Westen bit accessories, such as curb chains, curb straps, slobber straps, and bit guards.

Our experienced and highly-trained sales staff can make purchasing your horse's next bit an easy task. We invite you to contact us if you have any questions regarding the Western bits we carry or would like a personalized bitting recommendation.