Merino Wool Clothing

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173 Results

The Cheshire Horse is proud to be an exclusive source in the United States for natural fiber undergarments and clothing made by top of the line brands like Janus Wool and Engel.  Imported directly from Norway and Germany these brands are designed and manufactured with 100% eco-certified organic, pesticide free, eco-friendly and humanely sourced merino wool and silk and only natural dyes are used to produce the wonderful color options.

We offer a wide selection of the finest 100% pure merino wool and merino/silk blend clothing including; long underwear, socks, hats, and select outerwear. We also have the ever popular balaclava!  Whether you are involved in winter horseback riding or other outdoor activities these lightweight, warm and breathable under layers will help regulate your body’s temperature to keep you warm and dry in any season.

Pure merino wool is known to be soft, comfortable and non-itchy.  It is also proven to regulate body temperature and absorb moisture better than any synthetic fiber on the market. Designed to keep you warm in cool weather and cool in warmer weather, these affordable and stylish products will absorb moisture from your skin when you are sweating, which makes you feel dry and comfortable.   For those with extra sensitive skin we offer wool/silk blend. Silk also has antimicrobial properties and assists in regulating body temperature, while also providing a soft comfortable feel against the skin.

This clothing is especially great for babies and young kids that need help regulating their body temperature during outside play in spring, fall and winter. Providing merino base layers for your young children helps them preserve all their energies for growth and development, rather than using energy to stay warm.

Merino wool has natural antimicrobial properties that work to reduce odor.  This allows these garments to be used a number of times between washings, with simple air drying at night.  With proper care these wool and wool/silk blend garments can last for years and years. We highly recommend to hand wash or use a gentle cycle on your washing machine with a natural fiber cleaning soap and hang to dry. This will keep the products from stretching out or shrinking and also preserve the natural qualities of the wool or wool/silk blend.