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Natural Horsemanship

If you’re looking for a way to work with your horse’s natural instincts, motivations, and desires, Natural Horsemanship might be for you. Trainers like Pat and Linda Parelli, Stacy and Jesse Westfall, Clinton Anderson, and Craig Cameron have made it their lives’ work to train horses with a method that tunes into a horse’s unique communication style and herd mentality. Though each professional’s specific approach varies, Natural Horsemanship trainers are generally known for their use of unique communication aids, the “pressure and release” method, and desensitization training props.

The Cheshire Horse supports Natural Horsemanship trainers and students with our selection of Stacy Westfall training products by Weaver Leather, including items like the Stacy Westfall Activity Ball, Stacy Westfall ProTack Browband Headstall, and the Stacy Westfall Stick & String, a lighter and more accurate stick. Natural Horsemanship professionals may also enjoy the Stacy Westfall Egg and Spoon Training Tool, which helps a rider to gain balance, improve posture, and steady their hands.

If this method of training sounds interesting to you, our knowledgeable staff will be happy to advise you in what Natural Horsemanship tack and products would best suit your training objectives. While you’re here, please browse our other training equipment for the best gear to reach your horsemanship goals.

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