Midwest Agri Beet Pulp Shreds with Molasses - 30 lb

Item No. BP
5 out of 5 Customer Rating
in-store pickup only

Midwest Agri Beet Pulp Shreds with Molasses - 30 lb

Item No. BP
5 out of 5 Customer Rating

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*Due to a nationwide shortage, there is currently a limit of 10 bags per customer.

in-store pickup only
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Midwest Agri Beet Pulp with Molasses is a great source of protein and energy with essential minerals. Beet pulp can be used with dry rations or blended with other ingredients to make a liquid feed. It can also be used as an additive in salt licks or mineral supplements, it works as a sweetener and a binding agent.

30 lb bag.


Sugar beet pulp allows animals to be on full feed and reduces the danger of bloating and digestive disturbance. For show animals, sugar beet pulp has a cooling effect and enhances the bloom of the coat for best appearance, and when soaked in water, it provides succulence in the ration and adds water to the diet. Sugar beet pulp provides a variety in feed rations, firms stools for cleaner pen operation, and allows for increased feed intake.

Please consult your nutritionist for uses specific to your animals.


Sugar beet pulp shreds can easily be stacked and stored. Changes in temperature are not harmful if reasonably dry conditions are maintained. Roaches and weevils will not attack sugar beet pulp shreds nor is it susceptible to rodent damage. When kept dry, sugar beet pulp shreds can be stored for over a year.  Bagged shreds are delivered on pallets, so can be handled by a conventional forklift, or other equipment with forklift capabilities.


Variation may occur depending on the source.




Dry Matter   91.50%
Moisture   8.50%
Protein, Crude 9.21% 8.42%
TDN 74.78% 67.78%
Fiber, Crude 18.17% 16.62%
ADF - Acid Detergent Fiber 22.71% 20.78%
NDF - Neutral Detergent Fiber 44.15% 40.40%
NEL - Net Energy Lactation 77.04 Mcal/lb 70.49 Mcal/lb
NEG - Net Energy Gain 51.79 Mcal/lb 47.38 Mcal/lb
NEM - Net Energy Maintenance 80.00 Mcal/lb 73.20 Mcal/lb
Total Sugars 9.56% 8.75%
Total Sugars - Molasses 15.50% 14.20%
Fat 0.70% 0.64%
Ash 6.22 5.69%
Calcium 1.72% 1.57%
Phosphorus 0.08% 0.07%
Magnesium 0.33% 0.30%
Potassium 0.36% 0.33%
Sulfur 0.38% 0.35%
Boron 45.00 ppm 41.17 ppm
Manganese 86.00 ppm 78.70 ppm
Zinc 21.00 ppm 19.21 ppm
Copper 16.00 ppm 14.64 ppm
Iron 308.00 ppm 281.82 ppm
Aluminum 259.00 ppm 236.98 ppm
Sodium 911.00 ppm 833.56 ppm

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