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In addition to our complete line of conventional concentrated feeds, we also carry whole grains so that you mix your own feeds to meet your livestock’s individual nutritional needs. This approach allows farmers to customize what they are feeding in response to the quality of their hay and pasture. Many people also find purchasing whole and minimally processed grains to be more economical than buying commercial formulations.

We carry grains from top-quality livestock feed mills including Buck Farms, Kalmbach Feeds, Purina Mills, Thorvin, and Semican. Corn is popular in many livestock diets, especially during the cold winter months, since it is high in sugars and carbohydrates which promotes warmth. Our inventory includes whole local corn, cracked corn, and steamed flaked corn.

Oats are a cereal ingredient which contain high lysine and fat content. It is also a digestible form of protein and starch for ruminant animals like cows. Non-ruminant animals, such as horses, have greater access to the nutrients when the oats are minimally processed. We carry whole oats, hulless oats, and crimped oats. Our selection also includes barley for a well-rounded diet.

Our highly-trained sales staff is always available to answer any questions you may have about the grains that we carry. Contact us today to set up a complimentary livestock nutrition consultation and ensure that your animals and receiving a diet that meets their nutritional requirements.

Due to the size and weight of these products many may incur additional oversized shipping charges. Free in-store pick-up is also available for all online orders in our Swanzey, NH, flagship store location. Free delivery is also available for bulk orders of 10 bags or more for our local customers who live within Cheshire County. Call us today for additional information.

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