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Magnetic Therapy

Keeping our horses happy and healthy is the primary goal of every equestrian. Magnetic therapy is one tool that can be utilized to keep your horse comfortable and sound. This innovative alternative therapy has been shown to increase blood flow and decrease inflammation at the site of the magnet application. From boots and leg wraps to saddle pads and sheets, magnets can be integrated into a number of equine products.

Magnet infused crown pieces are becoming popular among many equestrians. Attaching directly to your halter or bridle, these help relax the muscles around the poll and assist your horse in relieving tension from this sensitive area. The anti-inflammatory action in the poll area may allow your horse to focus more on your ride, and it has a calming effect in many horses. The Professional's Choice Magnetic Poll Piece and the Schneiders Magnetic Crown Piece are perfect for using in the trailer, in your horse’s stall, or when your horse is being ridden. Consider this drug-free therapy to encourage a calm demeanor in your horse. 

Could your horse benefit from magnetic therapy? Our experienced and friendly sales associates are always available to answer any questions you may have as well as assist you in making you purchase.

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