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Stain & Odor

We all love our cats, however, we are not as fond of the odors and stains that sometimes accompany them in our houses. At The Cheshire Horse, we carry a wide array of feline odor control and stain removing products from trusted brands such as Nature’s Miracle, Pyranha, Simple Green, Simple Solution, and Urine Off.

Control ammonia and combat smelly litter boxes with our selection of litter box deodorizers. These sprays and powders eliminate odors at the source, extending the life of your cat litter products. We carry all-natural solutions that are chemical free, including Skout's Honor Litter Box Deodorizer, Arm & Hammer Cat Litter Deodorizer, and Odor-No-More Cat Litter Additive.

Cat urine can have a particularly pungent aroma, particularly if you have a male cat that frequently sprays. Find and destroy foul odors which plague your home. The Urine Off Mini-LED Urine Finder helps you locate the source of the odor, utilizing ultraviolet technology. You can then treat the area with a product that neutralizes the odor and removes any offending stains, such as the Simple Solution Cat Stain & Odor Remover or the Skout's Honor Cat Urine & Odor Destroyer.

Many of the members of our friendly sales staff are cat owners themselves, with hands-on experience with many of the products that we carry. For personalized recommendations and assistance making your purchase, we encourage you to call us or send us an email.

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