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It takes many miles on the ground and in the saddle for horse and rider to reach their training goals. For the rider focusing on verbal cues and lunging, or for the green horse needing refinement in his headset, The Cheshire Horse offers an extensive collection of training aids to suit your needs in both groundwork and training in the saddle. Our experienced equestrian staff is ready to advise you in selecting the training aid(s) right for you and your horse.

The benefits of lunging a horse are endless. This groundwork helps the horse and rider team to develop communication through verbal cues and body language. Lunging also offers an opportunity for energetic horses to warm up before a ride or have structured exercise in place of riding. The Cheshire Horse is prepared to fully outfit your lunging endeavors with our collection of lunge lines, whips, cavesons, lunge reins, surcingles, and complete lunge systems. Our products come from timeless, high quality brands like Weaver Leather, Kincade, and Centaur - with something for every budget.

For in-saddle training, The Cheshire Horse also offers aids like draw reins, training forks, and side reins to help your horse develop a correct headset, flexion, and good bit contact. See our selection of quality reins and forks by Tory Leather, Henri de Rivel, and Kincade for the right training equipment to meet your goals.

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