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For most show riders, the night before a show is spent braiding or banding their horses’ manes and tails. In most English disciplines, competitors are expected to braid their horse’s mane and tail in flat or button braids, while Western pleasure and showmanship horses usually have banded manes. Regardless of which type you prefer, all braiding and banding takes hard work and the right equipment to make beautiful. The Cheshire Horse knows what you need to braid your horse’s mane with ease. Shop our selection for braiding kits and individual braiding tools.

Make braiding as easy as possible with a comprehensive braiding kit like the Intrepid Leather Braiding Kit, Intrepid Medium Braiding Kit, or Intrepid Deluxe Braiding and Grooming Kit. These kits easily attach around your waist and hold a variety of essential tools like a comb, a hook, and scissors. The Deluxe Braiding and Grooming kit even comes with great tools like a spray bottle and a mane and tail brush.

Of course, to hold your braids or bands in place, you’ll need yarn or rubber bands that match the color of your horse’s mane and tail. We carry Equi-Essentials Braiding Thread, Lucky Braids Braiding yarn, and Shires Plaiting Thread, as well as rubber bands from Jacks and Weaver, all at a great price.

If you’re looking for an individual tool for braiding or banding, shop The Cheshire Horse for many quality tools like combs, hooks, threaders, scissors, and seam rippers.

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