Colorado Hemp Honey for People & Pets - Ginger Soothe

Item No. KW52753
4.5 out of 5 Customer Rating
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Colorado Hemp Honey for People & Pets - Ginger Soothe

Item No. KW52753
4.5 out of 5 Customer Rating
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Enjoy pure and raw honey, full spectrum hemp extract with naturally occurring cannabinoids, and organic ginger essential oil in Ginger Soothe. Bee Calm. Bee Rested. Bee Happy.

6 oz jar contains *500 mg of full spectrum hemp extract.

Colorado Hemp Honey has paired pure and raw honey and Colorado grown full spectrum hemp extract to create a superfood of the highest quality. The addition of organic ginger essential oil creates a warm and calming sensation that supports the digestive system. These infusions create restorative synergies that surpass the benefits of consuming each food individually.

  • 100% pure and raw honey.
  • Colorado grown full spectrum hemp extract (plant based, non-isolate).
  • Naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients from hemp.
  • The hemp is extracted with a unique, reusable process that best preserves terpenes and maintains superior quality.
  • Triple tested for purity and potency.
  • Superior entourage effect.
  • Helps save bees and veterans.

Colorado Hemp Honey is produced by Frangiosa Farms at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. They produce raw honey based foods.

QUOTE: “Frangiosa Farms is committed to responsible beekeeping in the face of bee decline through community education, backyard beekeeping, and support of locally sourced pure simple honey. I raise my bees with organic practices. I love to talk about the wonderful world of bees and the benefits of local, raw honey.” ~Nick French, Founder and Beekeeper.

  • Raw honey is a product of nature. It will vary slightly in color, flavor, and consistency. Enjoy the diversity of nature through raw honey. It’s a beautiful thing!
  • All raw honey will eventually crystallize. This honey is not pasteurized, filtered, or diluted out any of the goodness like trace amounts of pollen and propolis available in raw honey. What the bees put in there stays in there!
  • Crystallized honey is still good. To re-liquefy, simply warm the jar in a warm to medium heat water bath and stir. Do not microwave!
  • Open and stir. There’s a rare chance you may see some separation of the extract and oils. If you do – it is just part of the experience! To ensure an enjoyable experience, stir first then enjoy.
  • Discover your serving size. Start small with your dosage and then increase. Use one teaspoon (5g) and then wait 30-45 min to allow your body to metabolize the full spectrum hemp extract, essential oils, and honey. We are all unique and our systems will respond at different rates. Slow down and relax.
  • Share with your furry friends. Cats and dogs benefit from Colorado Hemp Honey as well! Start with about 1/4-1/3 of a standard serving size drizzled on food at meal time. Observe and adjust as needed.

Serving Recommendations:

  • One serving (approximately 1 tsp) contains 15 mg hemp extract. Wait 45 minutes before consuming another serving to gauge how your body metabolizes the cannabinoids.
  • Add to tea, salad dressing, dessert, pancakes or have a teaspoon plain. Stir and Enjoy.


Veterans to Farmers (VTF) helps veterans return to civilian life by training them in agriculture. This ultimately leads to urban homesteading and/or business ownership. The program teaches veterans how to set up new bee colonies, conduct routine inspections, mitigate losses, and harvest honey. It provides a way to help establish the well-being of American veterans returning from service back to civilian life.

For every jar of Frangiosa Farms Honey or Colorado Hemp Honey sold, they donate 10 cents to the VTF program. In 2016 they sponsored one veteran to go through the entire training program thanks to 25,000 jars of honey being sold. For more information, visit


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