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Feeders & Waterers

Let’s face it; chickens and other poultry birds can be a bit messy - especially when it comes to their food and water. Scratching and pecking, chickens send their quality nutrition flying and their source of hydration spilling into their bedding material. At The Cheshire Horse, we want to help you keep the water and the feed off the coop floor!

Our extensive selection of poultry feeders and waterers help you to maintain a more sanitary environment for your birds. Not to mention, quality feeders and waterers literally pay for themselves! Not only will it save on the amount of feed that you need to buy, it will keep the amount of coop bedding that you need to purchase to a minimum.

With items from brands such as Allied Precision, Farm Innovators, Harris Farms, K&H Pet, Miller Manufacturing, Rugged Ranch, you can be assured that you are purchasing the best products available. With our wide variety, we can handle birds of all ages and flocks of all sizes.

Chicks, poults, and ducklings require specialized feeders and waterers that cater to their small size. Check out our petite feeders and waterers, as well as all of the other chick supplies, that you will need to care for these fluffy youngsters.

For large flocks of chickens, or for bigger birds like turkeys, we have large capacity feeders and waterers. The Rugged Ranch Poultry Feeder contains over 10 pounds of grain, while protecting it from the elements and rodents. The innovative Harris Farms Tap-It Poultry Drinker relies on the instincts of poultry birds, allowing them to “tap” their beaks for their water. It also inhibits algae growth.

Don’t fret when the temperatures drop! We have a large variety of de-icers and heated waterers which will maintain fresh water for your fowl year round. Say no to frozen water supplies with the K&H Pet Thermo Poultry Waterer or the Farm Innovators Heated Poultry Fountain.

We understand that it can be difficult to determine which food and water dispenser is right for you and your flock. Talk to our experienced sales staff about your unique situation so that we can assist you in your purchase.

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