Saddle Racks

12 Results
12 Results

Protect your investment, and safely store your saddle with a new saddle rack from The Cheshire Horse. These racks support your saddle's tree and panels, while keeping them out of harm's way and off the floor of the tack room or grooming stall.

We carry a wide selection of durable saddle racks for English and Western saddles from your favorite equine manufacturers, including Equi-Essentials, High Country, Jacks, Stubbs England, and Tough-1. Wall mounted saddle racks are popular among many equestrians in the tack room. Whether you are a private backyard stable or a large, professional boarding barn, we have a rack to fit your needs. Powder coated racks are specifically treated to resist rust and withstand the test of time.

Some racks fold flat against the wall when not in use. These are great for using by the crossties in your barn aisle or grooming area, allowing you to keep your saddle close at hand when tacking up.

For the ultimate in portable tack room organization, turn to the Apple Picker 4 Arm Stackable Saddle Rack. With the ability to hold four saddles vertically, it saves valuable floor space. In addition to being great at the barn, it is useful for setting up and staying organized at horse shows.

Maintain the integrity of your saddle by purchasing a saddle rack. If you have any questions about the racks that we carry, or would like assistance making your purchase, we invite you to reach out to a member of our friendly sales staff with years of hands on equine experience.