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Gel Pads

Cushion your horse’s back and minimize the effects of impact with a high-quality gel pad. These back pads are used between your saddle and saddle pad to keep your horse’s back comfortable and free of pain. By absorbing the shock and concussion of being ridden, a gel pad makes your horse’s back muscles looser and allows him or her to perform to their fullest potential. Many hunter/jumper, equitation, dressage, event, pleasure, and trail riders use gel pads on a daily basis for both schooling and competition purposes.

We carry an assortment of quality gel pads at a variety of price points from your favorite equestrian brands including Acavallo, Horze, Jacks, and Lami-Cell. By utilizing high-tech materials, these pads disperse pressure and concussion from the rider over a broader area. Some gel pads also include sheepskin or fleece lining for additional cushioning. As an added benefit, due to their thin nature, these gel pads for horses will not change the fit of your saddle. We also carry gel wither pads to cushion your horse’s withers if necessary due to their conformation.

Maximize your horse’s comfort and performance by making gel pads a part of your daily tack and equipment. It is important to note that gel pads will not improve the fit of your saddle and should be used only with well-fitting saddles. Learn more about the importance of saddle fit on our blog post, The Effects of Poor Saddle Fit. For more information about the gel back pads that we carry or for assistance choosing the right gel pad for your horse, we encourage you to speak with a member of our friendly and experienced sales staff.

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