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For sensitive horses or horses that are "high shedders" (horses that excrete large amounts of parasite eggs in their Fecal Egg Counts), daily dewormers may be an effective way to combat equine intestinal worms. Your horse may be a candidate for daily deworming supplements if they live at a boarding or training barn; if they are part of a high-risk age group such as foals, weanlings, and geriatric horses; if they are kept on non-rotated pastures; if they are continuously exposed to parasites; or if they have a confirmed fecal egg count (FEC) in excess of 200 eggs per gram. We recommend that you work with your veterinarian to determine if daily deworming is appropriate for your horse or pony.

The daily, feed-through dewormer Zoetis Strongid C 2X Dewormer aids in the prevention of Strongylus vulgaris larval infestations, while controlling adult large strongyles as well as small strongyles, pinworms, and ascarids. Fed daily, this supplement helps to disrupt the lifecycle of many parasites and worms.

We also carry an extensive selection of paste dewormers and liquid or pellet dewormers.

Learn more about deworming practices on our blog. If you have any questions about daily dewormers and how you can incorporate them into your horse's health care regime, we invite you to reach out to our friendly sales staff who have years of hands on experience in the barn.