Liquid & Pellet Dewormers

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4 Results
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Deworming your horse is an essential horse husbandry practice. An excess in internal parasites can wreak havoc on your horse's digestive system, causing everything from a poor coat and dull eyes, to malnutrition and colic.

Traditionally, equestrians have turned to paste deworming products, however there are other options available. For horses that may be difficult or stressful to deworm with paste, pellet and liquid dewormers often work well. Pregnant mares and foals are prime candidates for these easy-to-use, fenbendazole-based deworming systems which combat large strongyles, small strongyles, pinworms, and ascarids. We carry deworming pellets from trusted equine pharmaceutical companies including Durvet, Merck, and Zoetis.

Simply measure out the proper amounts of pellets for your horse's weight, and serve it on top of their daily ration of grain. One pouch of the Safe-Guard Equi-Bits Equine Dewormer treats a 1,250lb horse, making it attractive in its ease of use as well as being extremely economical.

One of the biggest benefits of pelleted dewormers is that horses love to eat them, unlike their paste counterparts. The Durvet Horse To Foal 2X Pelleted Dewormer is apple flavored for increased palatability. They are also virtually mess-free! You no longer need to worry about wearing dewormer home from the barn.

In addition to our liquid and pelleted dewormers, we also carry an extensive selection of paste dewormers and daily deworming products.

Learn more about deworming and the importance of Fecal Egg Counts on our blog. If you have any questions about deworming your horse or would like assistance in selecting the proper products for your horse, we invite you to reach out to our friendly and experienced sales staff.