Bird Supplies

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15 Results

Watching and feeding your wild backyard birds is a whole lot of fun. Attract songbirds, observe cardinals, and catch sight of that elusive finch by feeding them high-quality bird feed and suet. In addition to our extensive selection of wild bird seed and feed, we also carry a complete collection of bird watching accessories and bird supplies.

Shop our birdhouses, bird baths, bird feed funnels, and bird seed storage solutions from pet supply manufacturers including Allied Precision, Evergreen Enterprises, Heath Manufacturing, Nature's Way Bird Products, and Perky-Pet.

Bird baths are more than just delightful yard decoration. They give birds a supply of fresh drinking water as well as a place to bathe and remove parasites. Birdhouses mimic shallow puddles which is where birds traditionally drink in nature. We also carry bird bath de-icers to give your backbirds access to water all year round, even in the frigid winter weather.

Encourage your favorite birds to move right in with a birdhouse that will encourage the birds to rest and nest. Available in a number of sizes and styles, having birds nesting and raising a family in your yard makes spring even more exciting. We even carry bird boxes specifically designed to attract bluebirds into your yard! Make sure that you refer to the hanging instructions on the birdhouses as various breeds of birds have different housing preferences.

Birdwatching is fun for the whole family! Bring a new flock of birds into your yard with our bird supplies. Our friendly and experienced sales team is always available to answer any questions you may have and assist you in making your purchase.