Poultry Feed

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90 Results

Proper nutrition is essential for all animals, but it becomes exceedingly more important when talking about poultry if you raise birds for their eggs or for meat. In these cases, their feed directly relates to what you and your family will be eating as well.

The Cheshire Horse is committed to providing your chickens, ducks, turkeys, and guinea hens with the best nutrition available. With balanced feeds from quality brands such as Kalmbach Feeds, Manna Pro, Purina Mills, Mazuri, and Durvet, we can support your poultry throughout their life stages. From starter feed to layer feed, and even feed to support your hens in their golden years, our selection of feed is extensive.

Chicks need specialized nutrition to thrive and grow. Correctly formulated protein, vitamins, and minerals will ensure that your chicks, ducklings, poults, and goslings develop properly. Our starter and grower feeds are available in medicated and non-medicated varieties, as well as organic options.

We also have feed to support various specialty dietary needs. The soy-free line from New County Organics is popular with our customers. Our complete line of organic grains are popular among hobby farmers and organic farmers alike, ensuring that their chicken’s feed is free from pesticides and other additives.

Poultry that are fed a diet high in calcium produce eggs with a stronger shell. This is great news for both hatching chicks and storing eggs in your refrigerator. Pick up a bag of Purina Oyster Shell to supplement your flock’s diet and fortify your eggs.

Our friendly sales staff has years of hands-on poultry experience. If you need assistance in selecting the right feed for your birds, please contact us for a complimentary nutrition consultation.