Double Bridles

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1 Results

Used on upper level dressage horses, show hack horses, and hunter pleasure horses of breeds like Saddlebreds and Morgans, double bridles give the rider fine-tuned control of their horse. This specialized bridle needs two sets of cheek pieces or bit hangers, as a double bridle is characterized by having two bits, a bradoon and a weymouth. Double bridles are also referred to as full bridles or weymouth bridles.

When using a double bridle, the bradoon, or the snaffle portion of the bridle, is in control of the horizontal flexion (side to side movement). The weymouth, the curb bit, aids in the vertical flexion of the horse (bending at the poll).

We carry an assortment of high quality double bridles from Bobby's English Tack. Each of the bridles has been meticulously crafted from the finest Italian and English leathers; due to the quality of the leather, these bridles are soft and supple.

Enter at ‘A' with a bit of additional confidence when your horse is wearing the Bobby's Signature Dressage Padded Double Bridle. The padded crownpiece and cavesson keep your horse comfortable and able to focus on the work at hand. Double bridles are mandatory for upper level Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) dressage tests (Grand Prix, Intermediare, and Prix St. Georges), and are optional at United States Dressage Federation (USEF) Third and Fourth levels. They are also allowed in the dressage phase of eventing at the Intermediate or Advanced levels, although not compulsory.

If you need assistance in selecting the proper bridle, consult with our friendly sales associates who have years of experience in the saddle. Like all equestrians, we love helping our customers and friends shop for the perfect tack!