Equinety Horse XL

Item No. KW73418
5 out of 5 Customer Rating
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Equinety Horse XL

Item No. KW73418
5 out of 5 Customer Rating
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Equinety Horse XL is an all-natural amino acid supplement designed to maximize your horse’s muscle performance with cell regeneration by providing a daily source of essential Amino Acids. It also contains collagen, which provides your horse with a healthier coat and bones. This innovative horse supplement contains eight amino acids that increase energy and endurance while strengthening bones, collagen, and muscles. It also helps improve immune system function and vitality.  This optimized equine nutritional support supplement has also been shown to increase your horse’s focus and calmness levels.

Equinety does not test and it is currently legal for USEF competitions (as of 2022). It contains no fillers, no additives, and no preservatives. It is sugar-free, gluten-free, starch-free, yeast-free, and soy-free. All of the ingredients all non-GMO (not genetically modified), making it safe and effective for your horse.

What makes Equinety different than other products on the market? ONE is the particular combination of amino acids and how much of each one make up the “stack”. SECOND, instead of targeting a specific area such as joints, coat, gut, hooves, attitude, recovery, etc., it’s targeting the pituitary gland. THIRD, using free-form crystalline amino acids which “tickle” the anterior pituitary gland, which releases the necessary hormones the body needs to help repair itself at a cellular level. With all that said, Equinety gives the body what it needs to help heal itself from a cellular level and balances the horse from the inside out!


Each 5.2g scoop contains:

L-Lysine HCl 1250 mg
L-Arginine HCl 1250 mg
L-Ornithine HCl 750 mg
Glycine 500 mg
L-Leucine 400 mg
L-Isoleucine 400 mg
L-Valine 400 mg
L-Glutamine 250 mg

Due to the natural ingredients in this product, color and odor variations may occur.

Suggested Use

1 rounded scoop of Equinety's Horse XL administered orally, with or without food.
Store at room temperature (59 - 86F)
Servings per 600g container: 100 - 115
Servings per 100g container: 20


Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if the seal is missing or broken.

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