101 Results
101 Results

Young horse lovers always have horses on their mind. Bring the fun of the barn home with our wide selection of model horse toys from Schleich. Made from durable, flexible rubber and completed with highly realistic and detailed paint jobs, a Schleich model horse will provide your child with hours of entertainment and years of enjoyment. With a focus on correct conformation and lifelike molds, Schleich aims to provide educational toys which will assist your child in learning about the animals that they love. 

Find a model that resembles your child’s favorite horse or pony, or look for a model that will ignite your child’s imagination. With a large assortment of popular breeds, including Arabians, Warmbloods, Morgans, Tennessee Walkers, and Quarter Horses, as well as more obscure breeds, such as Lipizanners, Tinkers, Andalusians, Paso Finos, and Rocky Mountain Horses, we have something for every equine enthusiast. Pick up one that catches your eye or begin collecting an entire herd!

All of these plastic horses and ponies will need a safe place to stay. Shop our full selection of Schleich horse barns and farms, as well as equine accessories and farm equipment.

The serious model horse collector will appreciate that Schleich model horses and ponies are eligible to compete in most model horse shows. Learn more about this exciting hobby and how you can get involved in our blog post, Pint-Sized Competition: Discover the World of Model Horse Showing.

Delight your child and encourage a passion for horses with our complete line of Schleich toy horses. Whether you are shopping for a birthday present, holiday gift, stocking stuffer, or a “just because” surprise, our experienced and knowledgeable sales staff can provide you with personalized recommendations and assist you in making your Schleich horse or Schleich pony purchase.