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357 Results

Whether you are just starting with your livestock herd or are an experienced livestock owner, The Cheshire Horse has the supplies you need to keep your livestock animals safe, happy and healthy. For pets, farm raised food sources, or valuable show stock; we have the feed, bedding, equipment, supplements, fly control, medical supplies, grooming and show products you need to help you keep your barn and farm organized so you can provide efficient care for your livestock.

Looking for fencing to contain your llama, goat, sheep, pig or cows? We have sturdy Behlen kidding panels, sheep and goat wire panels, electric sheep netting, rolls of welded wire field fencing, walk through gates, small transport carriers, and calf hutches. If you need gates, check out our excellent selection of steel tubular and wire mesh farm gates from 4' to 18' in length in both painted and galvanized coatings.

We have an incredible selection of Weaver livestock handling products which Include cow, goat, sheep, alpaca, and llama, halters and leads. If you love showing livestock, Cheshire Horse will support you every step of the way with quality Weaver products and valuable education with DVD's and show guides for fitting and trimming techniques. Learn from Kirk Stierwalt how to clip, fit and groom your animals so they look their best in the showring or in your barn.

Choose The Winner's Brand and the Kirk Stierwalt show line of products from Weaver for those who work and show their cattle for 4H fairs or hobby. Use innovative and quality show combs, adhesive sprays, shampoos, conditioners, color touch up sprays, grooming chalk and more to show your beef and dairy cattle, sheep, goats and show pigs, For the exhibitor there is a great line of show sticks, poles, pig whips, number harnessed and show comb holders.

To keep your livestock in tip top shape and healthy, be prepared with the proper medical supplies for daily prevention or first aid and emergencies. The Cheshire Horse stocks medical supplies and supplements from trusted companies like Durvet and Manna Pro, Purina and Kalmbach. We offer dewormers, wound care, antibiotics, minerals, electrolytes, show supplements, vitamins, fly control products and masks and more. We also have medical supplies for newborn livestock and for ill livestock. Everything from milk replacers, to weaners, and feeding tubes. We have marking supplies, taggers, and castration supplies..

Equip your barn for dairy livestock animals as well. Milk test strips, stainless steel food grade pails, teat disinfectants, moisturizers, and mastitis treatment options as well. As always The Cheshire Horse is happy to special order anything product you need for your livestock. Your livestock are a focus in your life as well as a 24 hour commitment so let The Cheshire Horse make it easier for you to manage and take care of them and be the best they can be.