Dressage Bridles

31 Results
31 Results

The dressage ring calls for elegance, subtlety, and precision, and not just in your horse's performance. The tack you use in the dressage ring should follow these principles just as much as your riding. Dressage riders typically choose a black leather bridle to match their black dressage saddle, and they focus heavily on the bridle's fit and the placement of the bit in the horse's mouth. As a result, dressage bridles are made with excellent craftsmanship and with the horse's anatomy in mind.

At The Cheshire Horse, you will find a great selection of high quality leather dressage bridles in different styles to suit your favorite dressage horse. Look to brands like Bobby's English Tack and Henri de Rivel for well-crafted raised and padded bridles at a range of price-points. Bobby's, KL Select, and Passier all offer great variations on the crank and flash dressage bridles too. If it's a double bridle you want, try Bobby's Raised Double Bridle for a beautifully crafted, ready-to-use choice.

Judges continue to debate this issue, but it's popular nonetheless: "bling." At a dressage show, you will find a range of attitudes about decoration on your bridle. Some prefer to leave the sparkle at home, while others take advantage of bling on their horse's browband or noseband to show off their stately face. If you want bling, check out the sparkly Horze Rohan Snaffle Bridle or the more subtle Smith-Worthington Clincher Nose Padded Bridle. Customize another bridle with one of the many sparkly browbands offered by our store.

While you're shopping our bridles, consider picking out spare set of reins to ensure you're always prepared!